In the last month, there was an impressive growth of wallets owning OVR tokens on BSC, 8,384 wallets at the time of writing.

Considering such adoption and the sustained gas fees on the Ethereum main chain, we’re happy to announce that OVR is enabling payments on BSC. …

As the metaverse hype continues its growth, OVR continues to position itself as a leader in the industry.
A series of constant developments within the ecosystem gives more credibility to this fact.

As you may expect, we have again updated the OVR app with new amazing features. Your virtual life…

Over 340k OVRLands sold, a growing community of builders and scaling solutions behind the corner, times are mature enough to start laying down the first version of the details on the OVRLand governance.

Why a first version, you may ask?

That’s because we’re transitioning from a semi-centralized version of OVR…


The World-Scale Augmented Reality Platform from OVR is Here… And It’s Waiting for You to Claim It

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