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Over 340k OVRLands sold, a growing community of builders and scaling solutions behind the corner, times are mature enough to start laying down the first version of the details on the OVRLand governance.

Why a first version, you may ask?

That’s because we’re transitioning from a semi-centralized version of OVR — unavoidable in the early stages — to the full vision of OVR as the Decentralized Metaverse Platform. The following are the OVRLand governance rules that we, as founders of OVR, envisioned as the best possible for the thriving of the platform. …

We’re already in September and the pertinent questions in most OVR fans minds are; What is OVR up to this month? Will there be some updates to thrill us? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

This month is already packed with activities ranging from ecosystem updates to OVR app updates.

⚠️Caution: Exciting features ahead! Meticulously read on to get all the details.

  • Server optimization — New infrastructure to scale performance for app events with many users.
  • ARwards: Spin off website for OVRLand experiences with big prizes. …

It’s August and we would like to extend our best wishes to the OVR community, we hope you all have an excellent month. Surely, it’s going to be an exciting month here at OVR, as our development schedule this month is nothing short of thrilling. As a quick reminder, the OVR team is dedicated to the constant development of the OVR ecosystem. Without further ado, here’s the summary of what you should expect to see this month.

OVR Ecosystem

¶ Custom profile picture from marketplace synced with the app: This feature will allow you to upload any photo as your profile picture…

TLDR: OVR enabling metaverses interoperability through NFTs. Directly use permissionless assets such as Sandbox contents, Crypto Punks, and many others on the OVR Builder.

NFTs allowed for uniqueness and real ownership of natively digital assets; digital content that once was impossible to monetize because of its costless and infinite perfect replicability has become valuable and tradable thanks to the ERC-721 standard. An example is the Nyant Cat gif, created ten years ago, visualized millions of times but sold only in April 2021 for 590k $ thanks to the NFT standard.

But uniqueness, real ownership, and free transferability of NFTs are…

William Gibson famously said “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”
All of us have seen the marvels of AR in compelling commercials and presentations. You can definitely already have amazing AR experiences with powerful, pricey, and nice hardware such as Magic Leap’s. But when will the industry have the Ford Model T moment? When will we have a useful AR application that can be used by anyone?

OVR just took a big step forward on this path for the democratization of cutting edge AR tech by enabling Telepresence from your smartphone. Just 3 steps are needed…

The OVR app is quickly becoming the best AR app in the industry. This speaks volumes as to the OVR team’s dedication to constant improvement. As such, we’ve updated the OVR app with new amazing features AGAIN!

Here are some of the new features added to the OVR app:

¶ Sharing Hex location — You can share hex locations sending URLs based on the unique OVRLand “three word identifier”.

¶ New avatars — 10 new avatars will be added to the app.

¶ AR face-to-face chat with friends’ avatar — You’ll now be able to switch to AR chat to…

The NFT market is seeing yet another momentum in the “metaverse and NFT gaming category” just a few months after we experienced what was termed the “NFT frenzy” that shot most NFTs to mainstream adoption. Positioned to ride this momentum is the augmented reality platform OVR, which efficiently fills in the category of both metaverse and NFT gaming, making it a win-win situation!

OVR is one of the leading AR platforms for metaverse creation — OVRLands — and NFT gaming, where you can create anything. It allows users to create interactive experiences on their OVRLands, treasure hunting, and more.


OVR has been analyzing and testing scaling solutions since its inception in late 2018. Choosing the proper infrastructure to scale OVR is critical for the project’s success, especially considering our long-term vision: becoming the reference platform for the Decentralized Spatial Web. To achieve this goal, an infrastructure with low fees is not enough, and we need to develop the project on a Credibly Neutral, Censorship Resistant and Adopted Blockchain.

But why is scaling so important, you may ask? What will be the advantages of OVR? Scaling will be a game-changer and will finally abandon Merkle Proof based ownership of OVRLands…

OVR is proud to announce the detailed rules for the OVR prize distribution powered by Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). We will run 2 main competitions, one for treasure hunters and one for OVRLand buyers.

OVR Treasure Hunt Competition

Once the competition has begun, every OVRLand in which a treasure has been discovered, will be listed on a specific interface available to users.
The treasure hunt competition will take place during 3 different rounds of competition:

1. From 22/06/21 23:59 GMT to 30/07/21 23:59 GMT, a prize of $5k USD equivalent will be paid in OVR.

2. From 31/08/21 23:59 GMT to 30/09/21 23:59…

In previous months we’ve added some amazing features to the OVR ecosystem. The following, is a summary of the features we’ve added to our platforms.

Secondary marketplace: Lands can be managed in folders.

Credit Card Payments: Credit card payment option is now available. Making it easier for non-crypto users to buy OVR tokens.

OVR App:

¶ We published many OVR Art Galleries.

¶ Mathame DJ set Live Event — Token burning party

¶ 3D assets created in the OVR Builder can be published in OVRLands.

¶ You can access OVR Experiences remotely.

¶ The Profile view has been improved with…


The World-Scale Augmented Reality Platform from OVR is Here… And It’s Waiting for You to Claim It

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