OVR has been analyzing and testing scaling solutions since its inception in late 2018. Choosing the proper infrastructure to scale OVR is critical for the project’s success, especially considering our long-term vision: becoming the reference platform for the Decentralized Spatial Web. To achieve this goal, an infrastructure with low fees is not enough, and we need to develop the project on a Credibly Neutral, Censorship Resistant and Adopted Blockchain.

But why is scaling so important, you may ask? What will be the advantages of OVR? Scaling will be a game-changer and will finally abandon Merkle Proof based ownership of OVRLands…

OVR is proud to announce the detailed rules for the OVR prize distribution powered by Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). We will run 2 main competitions, one for treasure hunters and one for OVRLand buyers.

OVR Treasure Hunt Competition

Once the competition has begun, every OVRLand in which a treasure has been discovered, will be listed on a specific interface available to users.
The treasure hunt competition will take place during 3 different rounds of competition:

1. From 22/06/21 23:59 GMT to 30/07/21 23:59 GMT, a prize of $5k USD equivalent will be paid in OVR.

2. From 31/08/21 23:59 GMT to 30/09/21 23:59…

In previous months we’ve added some amazing features to the OVR ecosystem. The following, is a summary of the features we’ve added to our platforms.

Secondary marketplace: Lands can be managed in folders.

Credit Card Payments: Credit card payment option is now available. Making it easier for non-crypto users to buy OVR tokens.

OVR App:

¶ We published many OVR Art Galleries.

¶ Mathame DJ set Live Event — Token burning party

¶ 3D assets created in the OVR Builder can be published in OVRLands.

¶ You can access OVR Experiences remotely.

¶ The Profile view has been improved with…

We’re very excited to announce that next Monday we will enable credit card payments to buy OVR Tokens. This new feature is the first important step in expanding OVR’s reach to the broader public. The feature aims to onboard users who are not familiar with the blockchain and the usage of Web3 interfaces such as Metamask.

Tokens bought with a credit card will be actually purchased by OVR (Company) on the IBCO bonding curve in 24 hours batches. Still, private keys will be managed directly from OVR, abstracting all of the complexity of blockchain interaction for non-crypto savvy users. Users…

OVR, an augmented reality platform, has seen quite an increased growth with several groundbreaking developments/events to its name over the last six months since our launch. Another feather to its cap is the first-ever token burn which happened on the 30th of May, 19:30 CET!

A total of 1,000,000 OVR tokens accumulated from OVRLand sales and never to be found in circulation were burnt at a grand Token Burn Party, which happened to be the first of its kind! …

OVR launched its IBCO using the Aragon Black funding module. Such a framework incorporates all of the components of the IBCO: the DAO, the ERC-20 mintable/burnable token smart contract and the Bancor bonding curve itself. The IBCO funding primitive brings several advantages if compared to traditional ICOs, as we described in this post and clearly defines what the governance rules of the token itself are. The token burning and minting functions are assigned from the DAO to the Bancor AMM; the assignment is hardcoded and cannot be changed to other Externally Owned Accounts (EOA) or Contract Accounts. That means that…

The OVR ecosystem has been filled with recent developments. We want to take this time to summarize the recent progress so far and the features we are planning to release soon.

This is what we’ve done since May.

  • Optimized UX for marketplace — New map and new layout.
  • Optimized OVR Bulder — Added the off-chain login and fixed bugs.
  • Application request for ART gallery.
    Server optimization to support more requests by the app users.
  • Optimized the temporized Merkle Tree process for the secondary marketplace

This is what we will release in the nearest future.

  • Lands sell request (Users can request owned lands to be privately sold).
  • Lands can be managed in folders (No sell option for now).

We’re happy to announce that we’re migrating our liquidity to Uniswap V3! As you might know, last week, Uniswap unleashed its groundbreaking V3. There are several upgrades in the new version, but the most important is concentrated liquidity. Thanks to this new feature, LPs (Liquidity Providers) can distribute the liquidity in specific parts of the price curve, making capital much more efficient. Uniswap V1 and V2 collateral from the pools were evenly distributed in all the price ranges, making the capital very inefficient compared to book-based exchanges.

Why would you provide your capital in a price range that will probably…

It has been five months since the OVR launch, and things have gone pretty fast!!! On the day of writing, we already sold 260k OVRLands, sold the Eiffel Tower for 106k $, launched our Merkle Proof based secondary market, established the Builder in its Beta version, created OVR Art Gallery and much more…

Yet, there’s an achievement that is not so apparent as the former ones. Still, it’s worth sharing with the community supporting us in our journey: we have already accumulated enough liquidity to finance our current level of development and marketing expenses for the next four years. That…


The World-Scale Augmented Reality Platform from OVR is Here… And It’s Waiting for You to Claim It

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